Coconut Oil! The Diaper Rash Cure

I know it sounds weird, but I went to whole foods inquiring about natural remedies to help with my infants daughter's eczema and the associate told me to try coconut oil. We had already tried many prescription creams and a few natural remedies that others had suggested so I gave it a try and it was the answer to my prayers! Now anytime she has an eczema breakout, I always turn to the coconut oil for help.

So I had been battling a diaper rash with Desitin and A&D ointment. Much to my surprise, the rash just kept getting worse and worse until finally the twins little bottoms were so irritated they were bleeding. I tossed the traditional cream and pulled out the coconut oil. Overnight, the bleeding had subsided and the rash had started to heal, and in a few days it was gone altogether!

I also use this for a face lotion for myself and have found that it has helped to clear up and breakouts if I apply it before bed.

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