Clean the Disposal

Use citrus peels or old citrus fruit to clean the garbage disposal in your sink. Just cut the fruit into wedges and drop in. Turn on the water, and turn o the disposal until clear. This not only cleans the disposal, but also leaves a great fragrance behind.


Chapped lips?

Found this one in an issue of Parenting magazine

Mix 1 tbsp each of sugar, baking, soda, and water in a bowl and rub onto your lips. Let set a minute or two before wiping off, and viola! No more flaky chapped lips.

Baby Teething?

Rub a little whiskey or vodka on a baby's gums when they are teething to help soothe and relieve some of their pain. It helps to numb reduces the swelling in their gums too.

Homemade Cough Syrup

In a measuring cup, combine:
1 tbsp honey
squeeze of fresh lemon juice (or 10-12 drops bottled juice)
Fill with water to 1/4 cup
Heat in microwave for 15 seconds and mix with a candy cane for a minty flavor
You can also add a few drops of whiskey for increased effect and quicker healing.

Clean House Clean Planet

SO my mom reminded me of another book we used in our house growing up. I always complained about doing chores because of how bad the chemicals smelled lol. So mom found this book Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan that had a recipe for making your own all purpose cleaner. It's been a while since I followed the actual recipe in the book but for a spray bottle I add 1/4 cup vinegar and fill the bottle with water. Then I add 2 tbsp Dawn and 20 drops of essential oil fragrance. This is a great mild mixture for linoleum floors, cleaning bathrooms and counter tops. It will not get the tough stuff off, but is good for use in a fairly clean house (I am really OCD and clean my whole house everyday! so this mix works great for me.) Check out Karen's book for more earth friendly cleaning ideas!

Egg White Mask

Did you know that egg whites make a great peel off facial mask?

I learned about this in the book Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without me by Paula Begoun

There were a lot of drug-store alternatives in the book like using baking soda as a natural exfoliant, milk of magnesia as a hydrating mask, etc.

Coconut Oil! The Diaper Rash Cure

I know it sounds weird, but I went to whole foods inquiring about natural remedies to help with my infants daughter's eczema and the associate told me to try coconut oil. We had already tried many prescription creams and a few natural remedies that others had suggested so I gave it a try and it was the answer to my prayers! Now anytime she has an eczema breakout, I always turn to the coconut oil for help.

So I had been battling a diaper rash with Desitin and A&D ointment. Much to my surprise, the rash just kept getting worse and worse until finally the twins little bottoms were so irritated they were bleeding. I tossed the traditional cream and pulled out the coconut oil. Overnight, the bleeding had subsided and the rash had started to heal, and in a few days it was gone altogether!

I also use this for a face lotion for myself and have found that it has helped to clear up and breakouts if I apply it before bed.